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Asphalt Vs Concrete Paving: Your Local Climate Could Determine Which Is Right For You

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Are you trying to decide between asphalt and concrete paving for your driveway or parking lot? If so, the answer to which of these paving materials is best suited to your needs could be found in your local climate. This is because asphalt and concrete react very differently to certain weather conditions. Below you can learn more about how your local climate could point you to which paving material is right for you.

Paving In Hot Weather Climates

If you live in an area that experiences extremely hot temperatures during the summer months, concrete paving is likely to be the best solution for you. This is because hot temperatures can cause a variety of problems when choosing asphalt. For instance, since asphalt has a relatively low melting temperature, this paving material can become soft when exposed to hot outdoor temperatures. The heat conducting nature of asphalt can also result in an uncomfortably hot surface when used in hot weather climates. Concrete does not experience these same issues and is often far better suited for use in hot weather. The light color of concrete can also help it to stay cooler during the summer months. 

Paving In Cold Weather Climates

While concrete may be the go-to choice for paving in hot weather climates, this paving material does not fare nearly as well in cold weather climates. This is because concrete will often crack when exposed to extremely cold temperatures for extended periods of time. Concrete can also react badly with rock salt and other snow removal methods. As a result, asphalt is the better option when choosing a paving material for cold weather climates. The fact that asphalt attracts and retains the heat from the sun can also help snow and ice to melt faster. This can make snow removal easier and ultimately provide you with a safer driveway or parking lot surface even when experiencing snowfall during the winter months. 

A Final Thought

While your local climate conditions can have a big impact on which paving material is best for you, there are other factors that you may also wish to take into consideration. For instance, you may also want to consider cost, maintenance requirements, and longevity when choosing a paving material. To learn more about the pros and cons that asphalt and concrete have to offer, you will want to reach out to a paving contractor in your local area.