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Having Your Driveway Resealed: 3 Signs It Is Time To Call The Asphalt Paving Company

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All asphalt driveways will need to be resealed from time to time in order to prevent damage. The problem is that not all driveways will need to be resealed on the exact same schedule. This is because everything from the frequency of their use to the local weather conditions can impact how quickly the existing seal wears down. That is why you will need to rely on certain warning signs to tell you when it is time to contact an asphalt paving company in order to have your driveway resealed. Below you can learn more about three of the most common warning signs that you should be looking out for. 

#1: Your Driveway Begins Looking Gray  

One of the reasons that many homeowners choose asphalt driveways is because their dark black color easily complements virtually any style of home. Unfortunately, over time this black color can begin to fade and your driveway will take on a gray tone if it is not properly sealed. If you notice that your driveway is looking a bit gray, you can be sure that it is time to contact your paving contractor to have a fresh seal coat put on your asphalt. 

#2: Your Driveway Has Stains Or Dark Spots

Another surefire sign that your driveway is in need of seal coating is that it is no longer about to keep moisture away from seeping into the asphalt. You will know that your existing seal has worn thin if you begin to see stains or dark spots on your driveway which cannot be removed by washing it. You may also notice that these stains correspond with the areas where water tends to pool on your driveway after it rains. In this situation, it is very important to ensure your driveway is resealed as soon as possible in order to prevent any damage such as potholes as a result of the inability to properly repel moisture. 

#3: You Have Cracks That Resemble Alligator Skin 

While the look of alligator skin may be considered quite attractive when used on a high-end purse or pair of shoes, this is not a pattern that you want to see on your asphalt driveway. This is because cracks this from this pattern are a trademark sign of a poorly sealed driveway. Not surprisingly, many contractors referred to this problem as alligator cracking. If you notice these types of cracks on your driveway, you can be sure it is time to pick up the phone and call your asphalt paving company. 

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