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4 Pavement Preservation Treatments For Your Asphalt Surface

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Asphalt is ideal for construction projects because it is affordable, robust, and long-lasting. And for large asphalt installation projects, it is always best to employ the services of an asphalt paving contractor. Aside from installation, asphalt paving contractors can also perform routine maintenance to preserve the integrity of your asphalt surface, extending its service life. Here is an in-depth look into some pavement treatment techniques they may use to protect your asphalt surface.

Seal Coating

Asphalt surfaces are susceptible to damage by water and UV rays. They can wear down when water seeps beneath the surface, causing the binders to detach. In addition, UV radiation through the asphalt may increase shrinkage stress in the binder, causing it to crack. Consequently, your asphalt surfaces may age faster and become unsightly. Seal coating your asphalt surfaces can help prevent this. The technique works to restore the surface's black color, creating a visually appealing look. In addition, it prevents water penetration through the surface.

Crack Sealing

Cracks may form on your asphalt surfaces for various reasons. Moisture retention, temperature fluctuations, and thaw cycles during winter are notable causes of cracks in asphalt surfaces. Fortunately, you can always repair cracks when they form. As the name implies, crack sealing entails sealing or filling the cracks to prevent them from spreading. Your paving contractor will apply an adhesive sealant in the cracks to prevent further moisture infiltration. They may also combine crack sealing with other preservation treatments, especially if the cracks are significant.


Cracks on your asphalt surfaces will eventually develop into potholes if you fail to address them. Usually, continued water seepage through the cracks weakens the sub-base, compromising its strength to support the weight of traffic and causing pothole formation in the long run. Patching is the solution for potholes. It entails cleaning the affected areas, repairing the foundation, and applying an asphalt filler to restore the surface.

Micro Surfacing

If your asphalt surface sustains cracks, oxidation, raveling, or rutting, you should contact a paving contractor for micro surfacing. They will spread water, polymers, and additives over the surface to correct imperfections. Consequently, micro surfacing creates an attractive finish as it does not deprive curb appeal or alter drainage.

Pavement preservation treatments will increase the lifespan of your asphalt surface. Therefore, it's always best to schedule routine maintenance with a paving contractor to ensure your asphalt surface is in excellent condition all year round.