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Need A New Bigger Parking Lot? Ask An Asphalt Paving Team About These Things Today

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If your old commercial property has a small concrete parking lot that is in horrible condition, and you want to replace and expand it, talk with an asphalt paving company. You may be able to get a smoother driving surface and increase the size of the parking lot at the same time.

There are a few things that you'll have to do before you start the project. When getting quotes, talk with the asphalt paving contractors about the following things.

Parking Lot Expansion Permits

Check with the local property authorities to see how much you can expand. The parking lot will most likely have to be a set distance from the property line and building and have other restrictions and requirements. Once you have the information you can give it to the asphalt paving company. The asphalt paving contractor may have to file for permits for these changes to take place.

Preparation Process

One of the benefits of asphalt is that it can go over existing driveway materials. The paving company will let you know if they can go over the existing concrete and use it as a base for the new asphalt parking lot. They may have to add material like stone or something else to prep where the expansion will be added. If the old parking lot must be removed, this will cost more and take more time.

Benefits of Asphalt

There are many benefits to asphalt for a parking lot surface. The asphalt will be:

  • Affordable
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable with wear and tear
  • Ideal for changing temperatures because it contracts and expands
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Environmentally friendly

The asphalt will be a material that you can rely on, and that is easy to maintain over time. It will need sealing as the years go by but is an investment that will improve your outdoor space.

If you are looking for an affordable and easy way to expand your parking lot, get a few quotes from asphalt paving companies in your area to see what the average cost will be. You can use the quotes to get the best price for the work that you need to be done.

A service that the asphalt paving company should also offer if you need it is parking lot painting. When they give you a layout of the expansion, ask them to include the sizes of the parking spaces, and how the parking lot will be laid out.