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4 Reasons To Keep Up With Sealcoating Your Parking Lot

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If you own your own commercial building and you're responsible for the parking lot, you may not give much thought to asphalt maintenance until your lot looks old and neglected. Rather than let your lot deteriorate, you should keep up with repairs and sealcoating. This type of maintenance helps your lot last as long as possible. Here are four benefits of sealcoating your parking lot regularly.

1. Your Property Is More Attractive

Sealcoating protects your parking lot from deterioration so it stays in good shape. The coating also keeps your lot dark, so the asphalt looks fairly new. This makes your lot look well-maintained, and that reflects well on your business. Your customers may have more confidence shopping in your store when your property is kept clean and tidy.

2. Repairs Are Completed At The Same Time

Before your sealcoating contractor can apply a sealcoat, repairs have to be done to cracks, crumbles, and potholes. So, by having a sealcoat applied every few years, you are sure to keep up with repairs that keep your lot in good condition. Maintaining your lot is important so you aren't liable for someone tripping on a crack and breaking a bone, or having damage done to their car.

3. You Can Postpone Resurfacing

When you do repairs in a timely manner and keep a sealcoat on the lot, deterioration of the asphalt slows down. The coating blocks UV rays and rain, so the asphalt is protected. By minimizing damage to your lot, the asphalt lasts longer, and you'll be able to postpone major work, such as resurfacing or putting in a new lot.

4. Cleaning Your Lot Is Easier

Sealcoating creates an even, smooth surface for your lot. This makes it easier for a sweeper to get your lot clean. The coating also protects your lot against stains. If you have your lot cleaned regularly, you could notice how much better the asphalt looks if it's been sealcoated and then cleaned. Plus, since repairs are done before the coating is applied, there won't be any holes or cracks to snag onto trash or hold dirt that makes your lot look neglected.

If you've not been keeping up with sealcoating, talk to an asphalt contractor about the right time of year to start and how often you need to have the coating applied. It may seem like a lot of work, but it's worth it to have an attractive parking lot and to save your lot from unnecessary damage due to rain and sun exposure.

For more information on sealcoating, contact a company near you.