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Why You Should Hire a Contractor Do Deal With Snow and Ice on Your Commercial Property

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Keeping parking lots, access roads, and loading areas free from snow and ice is vital to any business but can be a lot of work if you only have a small maintenance crew or a few employees. Working with a snow management company to clear all these areas is an excellent option and covers more than just snowplowing your lot after a storm.

Snow Removal

When a snowstorm comes through your area and dumps several inches of snow on the ground, it is vital that the snow management company you use is ready to remove that snow from the roads and lots around your business right away. Along with removing the snow, they should also have equipment prepared to add sand and salt to the surfaces that need it to melt any ice and add traction for cars traveling through the area. 

Most snow management companies also provide snow shoveling services and salt applied to your sidewalks to help ensure ice doesn't build up on the surface and cause an unsafe condition. The timing of the snow removal can be critical. If your business is closed overnight but opens first thing in the morning, having a crew on the property and removing the snow before the business opens is always the best option. 

The snow management company must schedule the snow removal crew to be there with enough time to get the property ready to open. Still, if the storm is ongoing, they may only be able to open up critical areas until after the storm has moved on. 

Equipment Management

When you are working with a snow management company to keep your property safe, the last thing you want to deal with is having on-site equipment to do the work. The contractor should have the equipment they need, and they need to ensure it is serviced, running, and ready when it is required. 

Most snow management companies own the equipment they use on your property, and while they may store it on the property, they are still responsible for the upkeep and repairs of the machines. Often, a service tech that works for the company will arrive a couple of days before a predicted storm and service all the equipment to ensure it is ready. You never have to worry about it because you know the snow management company will arrive and take the property for you.

End of Season Snow Removal

Most snow management companies will pile the snow they are removing in remote parts of the property. At the end of the season, they will bring dump trucks and loaders to scoop up the snow and put it in the trucks so it can be hauled away and disposed of. If the snow piles are left in place, the amount of water runoff while it melts could become a problem, so it is best to take the snow off the property as soon as the snow season ends.