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A Look At How A Commercial Concrete Company Might Put New Sidewalks On Your Property

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If you own commercial property, you need to keep it in good shape and accessible to your customers and clients. That includes maintaining the sidewalks on your grounds. Cracks are trip hazards, and you could be liable for a trip and fall injury caused by neglecting your sidewalks. Plus, sidewalks that are in disrepair reflect poorly on your company.

Talk to a commercial concrete company about putting in new sidewalks once your old ones have deteriorated. Here's an overview of how that might happen.

Control Foot Traffic In The Area

The commercial concrete company will come up with a plan for tearing out the old sidewalks and putting in the new ones so your customers and clients stay safe during the process. Foot traffic needs to stay away from the area until the new concrete has cured, so the area will probably be taped off. However, you'll want to be sure your clients and customers can find an easy alternate route for walking to your entry or going from building to building.

Prepare For The New Sidewalks

The old concrete has to be busted up and removed from the area. That might create a lot of noise and dust, so the concrete company may schedule the work for a slow time or on a day off for your building. Once the concrete is out of the way, the base can be compacted and sloped for improved drainage if necessary.

Install The New Concrete

Concrete is poured on the ground in a thick mixture, so something has to hold it in place to allow it to cure. The concrete contractor builds a form that outlines the area where the new sidewalk will be. When the concrete is pumped into the form, the sides of the form hold the concrete mixture in place until it hardens.

It's important to keep animals and people away from the sidewalk during this phase so the concrete won't have any imperfections as it hardens. You may want basic, plain concrete sidewalks, but if you want designs stamped in, the stamping can be done once the concrete is poured and before it dries completely. Stamped designs give the sidewalk an attractive appearance, but stamping isn't necessary or always wanted.

New concrete sidewalks should last for many years as long as tree roots don't cause them to crack or heave. Since the sidewalks only get wear from people and not vehicles, the concrete can last a long time and give you good value for the money spent installing new sidewalks.