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Synthetic Brick Is A Great Alternative To Natural Brick

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Brick is a timeless material, but sometimes, access to authentic brick is not always feasible. Synthetic brick material is a great alternative. While natural brick is made of shale or clay, synthetic, or faux, brick is often made of durable, high-density polyurethane, and the appearance of synthetic brick is often hard to distinguish from that of natural brick. In addition to its durable structure and similar look, faux brick also extends several other benefits.  


Brick is largely recognized for its extreme durability. The more durable a construction material is, the more it costs. Whether it is an accent brick wall in the interior of a home or a complete brick exterior, using synthetic brick instead of natural brick can easily save you a considerable amount of money. Best of all, synthetic brick has a lower cost, but not with the risk of cheap quality. 


Natural brick is a very heavy material. As such, you generally cannot simply put the brick on a structure; you need to prepare the structure for the weight of the brick first. Not only is this an added cost, but there is also a possibility that certain structures will be unable to support the weight. Synthetic brick is only a fraction of the weight of natural brick so you have more flexibility on where you can use the material.


Synthetic brick is not a maintenance-free material, but compared to natural brick, the level of maintenance you can anticipate with faux brick is lower. Brick should be sealed upon application. Since brick is porous, the sealant helps keep dirt from penetrating the bricks and making them appear dirty. Synthetic brick is non-porous so there is no need to pay extra for sealing or to worry about dirt buildup on the inside.


Brick is typically only available in a handful of color selections, with an unattractive red being one of the more widely available options. Consequently, homeowners must generally paint their bricks to get the look they want. Synthetic brick is available in an array of color options, so you do not have to worry about painting it. Additionally, in some instances, a customer can customize the color of their synthetic brick during the manufacturing process. 

Synthetic brick can be used for a variety of construction projects. If you want to explore the benefits of this material for your project, be sure to contact a professional installer. For more information, contact a company like Brick Design Co.