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The Benefits Of Choosing Asphalt Paving In Snowy Climates

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Do you live in an area that experiences snow and ice during the winter months? If so, you should know that your choice of paving material can impact your snow removal efforts. Thankfully, there is an option that has proven quite beneficial when used in snowy climates. This option is asphalt paving. Continue reading to learn more about some of the benefits you will enjoy during the winter season when choosing asphalt paving for your driveway or parking lot.

#1: Melting Salts Will Not Cause Surface Flaking

Melting salts are a very effective way to quickly get rid of snow and ice. Unfortunately, these salts can cause an issue known as surface flaking when used on concrete surfaces. If this happens, you could find yourself dealing with some rather expensive repairs once the snow and ice give way to warmer weather. Thankfully you can avoid this issue altogether by choosing asphalt paving over concrete. This is because asphalt will not be compromised by the use of melting salts. 

#2: Attracts And Retains Heat From The Sun

The naturally dark color of asphalt allows this paving material to attract heat from the sun. Asphalt also has the ability to retain this heat even in the cold of winter. The reason this is so beneficial is that this residual heat can actually help to prevent light snowfalls from sticking to your driveway or parking lot surface. With larger quantities of snow, this residual heat can help to promote faster melting. This can be especially beneficial if you are choosing a paving material for your commercial property since this surface will need to be kept free from snow and ice in order to ensure the safety of employees, vendors, and customers. 

#3: Will Not Be Damaged As A Result Of Shoveling Or Plowing

Even with the residual heat provided by an asphalt surface, heavy snowfall will result in the need to either shovel or use a plow to remove the snow. With many paving materials, these snow removal efforts can result in damage to the paving surface. This is often the result of a textured surface such as the one provided by cobblestone and concrete. Asphalt surfaces on the other hand offer a strong, yet flexible, flat surface. This allows you to easily use a shovel or snow plow on an asphalt surface without causing any damage. This is especially beneficial in areas that experience frequent snowfall during the winter months. 

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