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Recycling Your Old Asphalt

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Eventually, your asphalt pavement will need to be replaced if it is to be kept in good condition. Unfortunately, it is commonly the case that people will not realize that it is possible to have their previous asphalt surface recycled before they have the new one poured.

Asphalt Recycling Can Reduce The Waste And Landfill Space Your Paving Replacement Will Require

One of the benefits of recycling asphalt pavement will be that it is possible to limit the environmental impacts that this work will create. Unfortunately, this is a factor that people may not appreciate as they may be unaware of the fact that the asphalt can be recycled. However, choosing to recycle the asphalt can allow it to be used again in future paving projects, which can drastically reduce the amount of waste that this project will send to the landfill. This may also reduce the amount of oil and processing that would be needed to produce entirely new asphalt. These benefits can be extremely important for anyone that is wanting to take a more proactive role in helping the environment and climate.

Having The Old Asphalt Recycled Will Not significantly Impact The Time Your Paving Replacement Will Require

Paving work can be very disruptive to the property, and it is understandable that people will want to make sure that this work is completed as quickly as possible. This can lead to situations where individuals may avoid choosing to have their pavement recycled due to believing that it will substantially slow the progress of their paving project. In reality, this is not the case as the equipment that will recycle the asphalt will require approximately the same amount of time that the equipment used for more traditional demolition will require. As a result, the impacts on the amount of time that will be required will only be marginally impacted by choosing this option.

The Area Near The Asphalt May Need To Be Prepared Prior To The Recycling Work Being Started

Prior to the arrival of the asphalt recycling service, the area will need to be prepared. Generally, this will require the area to be cleared so that there is enough space for the asphalt recycling machinery to navigate along the paved surface. If you have bushes or plants that are growing along the edge of the pavement, it may be advisable to have them trimmed so that they will be far enough away from this equipment to avoid causing significant damage to these plants.

Contact a contractor for more information on asphalt recycling machines.