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4 Signs That Commercial Asphalt Services Are Needed For Parking Lots

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Commercial property owners need to be aware of how their parking lots can give a good or bad impression to customers or potential customers. Lots that have physical damage can create negative opinions. Some individuals may not visit the property if they have concerns about their vehicles getting damaged. The main reasons to ensure parking lots are maintained are liability, aesthetics, and safety. It is possible for someone to get injured if potholes or other types of damage are present, and this may lead to a lawsuit. Well-kept lots are more attractive and can garner customers. Resurfacing is a viable way to protect parking lots against damage. The following points identify signs that a lot needs repairs and resurfacing.

Pooling Water

These are water puddles that do not drain away after it rains. They are problematic because they create a safety issue for visitors to a commercial property. Water is also a threat to the integrity of the asphalt. As part of a resurfacing project, paving contractors will address drainage issues to reduce the risk of future damage.

Faded Appearance

Some property owners assume that there is nothing that can be done for an older and fading parking lot. However, asphalt paving services can improve the appearance and have the lot looking almost new with resurfacing. The faded appearance usually is not only related to the age of the lot. UV rays fade asphalt surfaces over time, which is why resurfacing is needed. If the service is not performed, the material is likely to get brittle and deteriorate.

Faded Stripes

Parking lot restriping is a popular asphalt service. It is often combined with resurfacing, and it further enhances the aesthetics of a lot. Stripes may fade due to UV ray exposure and age. They can last for many years after the services are performed. Clear striping is done for aesthetics and safety. Visitors to the property need to know how to properly park and recognize areas such as pedestrian walkways and handicapped parking.


It is easy to dismiss a few small cracks as being unimportant. However, small cracks are likely to get larger if they are not filled. Excessive cracking is a sign that resurfacing may be needed. If cracks expand, they can lead to more significant asphalt damage, such as potholes.

A paving contractor is a good resource to use to determine whether a parking lot is in good enough condition to be resurfaced. Any repairs would need to be done before resurfacing. They can explain the importance of parking lot maintenance and how it can extend the lifespan of the lot.

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